Action Mounts GoPro Hero 10/9/8 Waterproof Case Red Lens Filter & Strap

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High-Definition Footage:

When filming underwater, visibility gets a bit blurry, or becomes far too blue…

You lose the real-life colour of objects in your shots, and you’re left with the fading memory of what really was. But all hope is not lost!

A red lens filter like this can correct the colour of your desired footage and bring back a high-definition reality of the underwater world.

Phenomenal Features:

• The red lens filter enhances the quality of photography and videography in various conditions including blue water, green seawater, freshwater, or saline water.
• Made from premium acrylic PMMA for durability and optimal views.
• Improves the contrast in these underwater environments to correct the colouring to a more natural state.
• Excellent light transmission and impact resistance x16 better than ordinary glass.
• Direct attachment to the waterproof casing, quick and easy to install and remove as you need it.
• Strap included to be a tether that connects to your camera, you won’t worry about losing it.
• Quick and easy to clean with a gentle wipe with a soft cleaning cloth.
• Multi-compatible with a variety of GoPro Hero housing cases (see specification information).

Specification Information:

• Colour: Red
• Material: Plastic
• Compatibility: GoPro Hero 10/9/8
• Does not attach directly to the camera (housing only).
• Important: This is not an original GoPro product and does not include the GoPro camera
• Guaranteed hassle-free, money back returns for any unforeseen reason.

What do you get?

1x GoPro casing red lens filter


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