Discontinued Action Mounts GoPro Hero 4/3+/3 Replacement Battery Pack – 2300mAh


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Better Battery Life. 

Your GoPro Hero 4/3 /3 is in dire need of a new battery pack, do you say?

Everybody hates flat batteries. Or worse, a swollen battery with a lifespan shorter than every mosquito that tries to bite you.

This Action Mounts GoPro Hero 4 battery pack won’t let you down. Power up your GoPro to experience and capture your real-life dreams along the way.

Phenomenal Features:

• 2300mAh of power output – you’ll be good to go in no time
• Strong, long-lasting battery
• Durable and lightweight
• Premium design
• Includes back door extensions for the standard housing cases for GoPro Hero 3.


• Colour: Black
• Power output: 2300mAh
• Compatibility: GoPro Hero 4/3 /3 (Standard housing only)
• This battery is not compatible with the larger GoPro Hero 60m housing cases. You can tell the difference by looking at the design of the case. The 60m larger housing case has 8 visible screws on the front, near the lens. The standard 40m housing case has none.

What do you get?

1x GoPro Hero 4 battery
1x Backdoor extension

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Additional information

Weight 0.147 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 16 × 2.7 cm


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