Discontinued Killer Deals Foldable Portable 16W Solar Panel Dual USB Output Intelligent Charger

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Sunshine Power Supply:

Imagine an emergency power supply that will never let you down, so long as the world keeps on turning and the sun is shining.

Power banks and other portable chargers are useful, except when they die or load-shedding hits. Then they’re pretty much…worthless. You might as well have a fruit or something.

A solar panel dual USB charger like this is the expert choice for any adventurer, who may need a boost of energy for their portable devices when they’re facing the elements and great outdoors (or just because it’s super cool, eco-friendly, and dependable to have).

Phenomenal Features:

• Made with premium-grade materials with an advanced design compared to others available on the market.
• 100% waterproof, dustproof, shock-proof durable, and long-lasting PVC material covering.
• Dual USB outputs to charge your electronics when you need them the most.
• Stable and secure voltage regulation to protect your devices from damage.
• No built-in battery – completely solar energy dependant and eco-friendly.
• Faster, energy-saving charging with high-grade monocrystalline solar panels (higher photovoltaic conversations than standard crystalline panels).
• Conveniently portable to take camping or anywhere else it may come in handy.
• Intelligent auto-stop and start function for when the weather changes unexpectedly, without the need for you to blink an eye of concern.
• Alternating display to show you levels of efficiency in real-time.
• Compatible with a wide range of electronic devices: mobile phones, tablets, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, and more!

Specification Information:

• Colour: Black
• Material: PET monocrystalline solar panels PVC waterproof cloth
• Solar Panel Efficiency: 16W
• Charging Current: 2.6A (Peak)
• Stabilised Voltage: 5V
• Guaranteed hassle-free, money-back returns if you change your mind.

What do you get?

1x Solar panel dual USB charger


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