Discontinued Killer Deals Mobile Bluetooth Connection DIY Mini Laser Engraving Machine – 1600MW

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Effortless DIY Engraving:

Are you in love with creative arts and crafts?

This awesome laser engraving machine makes it easier than ever to leave your unique, permanent mark on things.

Customise your brand’s products with your logo, patterns, and fonts for business, or add some personality to your favourite items and accessories, just for fun.

Phenomenal Features:

• Precise laser engraver that brings your ideas to life on the materials you’re using
• It’s safe to use with simple, user-friendly software
• Quick Bluetooth connection and a complete mobile system APP, with a wide variety of functions to match your sought-after style
• Easy for cutting wood, ceramics, cardboard, cardboard, bamboo, leather, peel, inner core, rubber, plastic, metal surface coating
• Easy for carving veneer, cardboard, cardboard, non-woven cloth, EVA, etc.
• Functions are text editing, photography, photo album, database, eraser, and manual resizing. Engraving mode: bitmap engraving, bitmap grayscale engraving, contour cutting, black and white image, grayscale image, stamp.
• Has manual focus adjustment options
• Compact and stable design – high tech- with premium materials and a built-in fan for internal cooling
• 1600 MW laser chip (replaceable when the time comes) – with 10000 hours of usability – creates a clear resolution sink depth engraving of 2mm, that doesn’t fade
• Smart sensor that knows when to stop when experiencing abnormal movements such as shaking, tilting, collisions etc.
• Worry-free protection for your eyes thanks to the safety bracket, and aluminium base that prevents the laser from burning through the bottom
• Under NO circumstances WHATSOEVER should you try to use this on your skin or body.

Specification Information:

• Engraving Depth: 2mm
• Laser Head Lifespan: 10,000 hours
• Laser Reaching Range: 98 x 88mm
• Product weight: 800 grams
• Product size: 18 x 18 x 16 cm
• Image format: JPG, BMP (24bit), TIFF, PNG (below 32bit), PCX (8bit and 24bit), PCD
• Operating system: Android, iOS

What do you get?

1x 2V2A DC power supply
1x Type-C data cable
1x Goggles
1x Rectangular black PVC sheet (for adjusting the focus)
5 x Wooden board
4 x Woodblock
4 x Coloured cloth strip
20 x Colour cardboard
1 x Metal base
1 x English operating instructions


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