Discontinued Killer Deals Oregon Scientific BA900 weather temperature sensor, missing “translucent crystal top section. customer retrun”

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The BA900 translucent crystal weather station is the next generation of weather station that brings weather forecasting into the 21st century and is a must-have for the technological weather enthusiast. The sleekly-designed weather station is housed in a crystalline block, with a midnight black base unit. It adopts a non-traditional material and method to display forecasted weather. Instead of using symbols or line drawings in two dimensions, to illustrate weather on an LCD display, the BA900 communicates the weather in 3D. The weather icons – sun, cloud and rain – are laser-engraved in three dimensions inside the crystalline block, with detail and texture.
This is also the world’s first weather station to have exquisitely crafted crystal which shows the weather by projecting light in difference colours: red for sunny, blue for cloudy and green for rainy. The weather status can be seen with just a glance, even from a far distance.
Other features of the BA900 crystal weather station include the time and indoor temperature, shown on an-easy-to-read animated display on the base. Switching between time and indoor temperature can be with a simple hand wave, because of the use of infrared motion sensors. With the radio-controlled clock receiving atomic clock signals, the time is always accurate. All buttons are hidden away on the base, making every facet perfectly smooth and sleek.

The world’s first weather station with laser engraved 3D icons in crystal
View the weather forecast at a glance with 3D icons illuminated by coloured light
Radio-controlled clock
Change the display mode between time and indoor temperature with a wave of the hand
Easy-to-read animated display of indoor temperature and time
Sleek and modern design
Supplied with

Console (180 x 110 x 40mm), AC adapter (console is mains power only)
Attribute Value
Remote Sensor Type Temperature Sensor
Maximum Indoor Temperature Measurement 50°C
Maximum Outdoor Temperature Measurement 50°C
Power Source Mains
Model Number p BA900
Plug Type Type G – British 3-pin
Outdoor Temperature Measurement Range -5 → 50 °C
Indoor Temperature Measurement Range -5 → 50 °C

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Dimensions 21 × 33.5 × 6.4 cm


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