Discontinued Killer Deals Reusable Laundry/Washing Machine Pet Fur/Hair Catcher/Lint Remover

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Lint-Free Forever

Are you tired of constantly seeing pet hair and lint- even on freshly washed clothes?

Not to fret! With the Sticky Pads Laundry Bag, you can instantly remove hair, lint, paper scraps, and any other unwanted debris that constantly plagues your “clean” load of laundry!

Simply drop this nifty device into your washing machine. And watch with wonder as the high-quality mesh fabric and durable sticky pads work to collect unwanted bits and bobs.

Saving your clothes- and your washing machine- from getting backlogged with lint. It’s time for cleaner, pill-free clothing. Get yours today!


• Catches and collects lint, hair, paper scraps, pet fur, and any other unwanted debris that gathers in washing machine
• Depilating- will give you visibly cleaner, lint-free clothing every wash
• Easy to use- simply pop into your washing machine with every load of laundry and get instant results
• 100% safe for all clothing- made with non-toxic, hypo-allergenic material
• Reusable- the mesh net can be emptied out after each wash and used again and again!


• Colour: Blue/White
• Material: Foam, Nylon Mesh & PVC
• Guaranteed hassle-free money-back returns if you change your mind

**Please note: This products doesnt work with a front loader / drum washing machine.

What have you got?

1x Washing Lint Removal Mesh Net

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