Discontinued Killer Deals Teamup T7 Two-Way Battery-Efficient Marine Radio

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A Handy Two-Way Radio

Teamup specializes in the manufacture and design of handheld analogue radios, digital radios, and mobile radios. The Teamup 17 Radio allows for easy two-way communication as needed.

Featuring a UHF400-470MHz frequency range, 1300mAh Li-ion battery, and long standby time- it’s no wonder this is the go-to two-way radio option.

Other useful features include a low power alarm, helpful battery save function, and an easy to carry design.

Get the most bang for your buck- get yours today!


• Easily portable- is mini and easy to carry or clip on your belt
• Has a low power warning alarm, so you always have a backup plan in place
• Battery save function to ensure efficient battery usage
• High/Lower power output for selection


• Colour: Black
• General:
• 1300mAh Li-ion battery
• 50 CTCSS/104 CDCSS
• Frequency Range UHF400-470MHz, Channel NO 16
• Working Temperature -20°C~ 60°C, Working Voltage DC7.4V
• Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
• Transmitter:
• Power output 5W
• Modulation FM, Modulation Limit ±2.5/5KHz
• Radiation >60dB, FM Distortion ≤5%
• Noise Response 34/40dB
• Receiver:
• Sensitivity <0.20μV, Noise Response ≥65/70dB
• Inter modulation Distortion ≤5%, Inter modulation Distortion ≥60dB
• Adjacent channel selectivity ≥60/70dB

What have you got?

1x Teamup 17 Radio


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