Killer Deals Adjustable Eye-level Aluminium Tablet Holder Stand – up to 15″

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Ergonomic Views & Smarter Support.

Time for a game-changing ergonomic solution to your tiresome tablet trouble?

This adjustable stand is a must-have for the sake of your productivity, games, and unmissable shows. Look forward to anti-skid, stress-free support, fewer distractions, and ideal view preferences.

The sturdy aluminium is remarkable for motioning your tablet or iPad safely into the exact eye-level position wherever you’re using it – the rubber grips surfaces are excellent for a horizontal or vertical display.

There are countless positives to this, by reducing tension on the back, neck, shoulders, and arms you’re promoting well-being with a healthier posture and therefore lifestyle. Jointly, you’re gaining a hands-free advantage so you can work, or chill, better than ever.

Lifestyle Management Materials.

Thanks to a clever combination of reinforced alloy steel and hardened plastic with metal plates as the two supports, the tablet stand has unmatched strength, durability, and dominant reliability. Holding the weight of your tablet sturdily for long-lasting enjoyment!

The super lightweight piece quickly stows away into a backpack, and if there is a flat surface, set it up in seconds for future urgency. Increased airflow from the breathable design also means less damage from heating in the long run.


Colour: Silver
Material: Plastic & aluminium
Size: 18 x 16 x 6 cm
Compatibility: Supports all Samsung/Microsoft/Huawei tablets, iPad Pros/Airs, Kindles etc. with no greater than 15-inch displays. This includes smaller notepad laptops; the recommended use for which is around 13 inches.

What have you got?

1x tablet holder stand


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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 6 cm


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