Killer Deals Anti-Theft Cable Lock for TV, PC, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile Phone Security

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Feeling nervous about heading out into public with your expensive portable devices? We understand your anxiety. That’s why you’ve got an outstanding anti-theft hardware cable lock for the peace of mind you need.

Picture it now, you’re out enjoying a cup of coffee with family and friends or working, unphased about who’s watching, portable on the table safely.

But instead, you’re looking over your shoulder every two minutes…

This Anti-Theft Hardware Cable Lock Is Your Safety Net.

  • There are two sets of super-sticky adhesive anchor plates that easily grip onto all of your mobile devices. Especially the expensive ones. (Aren’t they all?) Which means now you can take them with you anywhere in public
  • An industrial-grade 3m adhesive means that only superman could come and rip your device away
  • The 3m cable is extremely durable and can’t be cut simply and quickly, if at all. This much slack means you can also freely move your device around. Still secure!
  • Stainless steel lock means it’s damage proof (mostly) with smooth locking capability. No-fuss
  • It’s super easy to set up and secure your portables quickly
  • Great for personal, public and commercial needs like for electronics shops, public library or facilities, retail stores, restaurants, and anyone who’s dealing with potential opportunists

This awesomely brave anti-theft hardware cable lock is the low-key and ultra-strong security you’re needing for your all your precious portables.

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