Killer Deals Apple TV 1/2/3 Generation replacement remote controller

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Restored Equipment.

Did your Apple TV remote controller take a serious battering over the past few months?

After all those desperate wars for what plays next: suddenly, channels don’t change so swiftly anymore, and the volume level unwillingly remains constant. When you find yourself knocking the TV remote against the wall, hoping today is a good day, you know it’s time for an improvement.

This replacement Apple TV remote is the ideal replenishment in the battle for entertainment.

Majestic Control.

The sleek, solid aluminium design is stylish and minimalist, with soft rubber buttons. It connects seamlessly to your Apple TV, Mac, iPod, or iPhone – so long as there are no previous remote controllers already paired with that device.

With one mighty tool, everybody will kneel before your power. Press play, pause, adjust volume, access menus, go forward and back in time, all while playing your favourite music and videos.

Take back your throne as the rightful ruler in the realm of your home entertainment. That is, however, considering it doesn’t get stuck in the couch for cunning kindred to claim back in a moment.

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Colour: Silver
Material: Aluminium
Compatibility: Apple TV Generation 3/2/1

What have you got?

1x Apple TV controller


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Dimensions 16 × 6 × 1.1 cm


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