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Positive Vibration & Relaxation.

Some fashion pieces are more than simple accessories, and this beautiful piece is one of them.

For many, glass represents the strong energies of communication, invigoration, transformation, and bringing the elements together in harmonious unity.

It’s said that the colour of the glass stores the vibration of specific colour energies.

As an essential oil diffuser, this out-of-this-world bracelet freshens up your breathing space too. Feel free to drop your fragranced essential oils and enjoy the wonderful scents for at least 24 hours – if not longer!

These essential oils are also known for their usefulness against stress and tension.

Born Inside A Volcano.

Along with the glass beads, the stylish bracelet holds together on a flexible and light plastic stretch cord.

Natural lava stones make up the rest of the accessory. Basalt, and similar forms of rock such as dacite and andesites, form when volcanoes erupt lava to the Earth’s surface, and the magma cools.

At first glance, this rare accessory looks precious, but it’s made of the toughest materials on planet Earth.

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Colour: Royal Pacific
Materials: Pyrite, glass beads, lava stones
Size: 6mm; Adjustable for most size wrists

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1x Oil diffuser glass bracelet


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Weight 0.018 kg
Dimensions 12.3 × 10 × 0.6 cm


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