Killer Deals Ball-Bearing/Speed Cable Skipping Rope & Resistance Band Exercise Combo

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The Home Fitness Kit That Has It All

You want to get in the greatest shape of your life, but you’re hesitant about signing up for a gym. Or you simply don’t have the time to get there and put in the hours.

Sound familiar?

If so, there’s a simpler way to guarantee you’re crushing your fitness goals this year. Without a treadmill or lifting weights!

This speed skipping rope, ball-bearing skipping rope, and set of resistance bands are all you need for a stronger, healthier body.

Skipping during your workouts improves balance, flexibility, and stamina. It also boosts coordination, concentration, and heart health. While the resistance bands help to take your strength training exercises to the next level- so you can see visible results faster.

Get ready to push yourself to the max from the comfort of your own home- place your order today!


• An at-home resistance and cardio combo-up your cardio and resistance training sessions with this skipping rope/resistant band set
• Improve your fitness, strength, endurance, and balance with this functional combo
• Maintain safety while training- the skipping ropes have smooth, ergonomic foam/rubber handles that are comfortable to hold
• The resistance bands are made from non-toxic, 100% natural elastic latex that’s stretchable and safe. Reliable for everyday fitness and rigorous activities
• The skipping ropes contain coated PVC, height-adjustable wiring and premium ball bearings for a continuous, smooth swing


• Colour: Multicoloured
• Materials: Ergonomic Foam, Rubber PVC, Latex
• Size: Customisable (skipping rope), 30 x 5 cm (bands)
• Guaranteed hassle-free money-back returns if you change your mind

What have you got?

1x Speed Cable Skipping Rope
1x Ball-Bearing Skipping Rope
5x Resistance Loop Bands


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