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 Champion Training Methods

What do the toughest athletes – boxers, MMA fighters, cross fit athletes – all have in common?

They jump rope, and they jump rope a lot. Why? It increases your flexibility, speed, balance, stamina, and strength. Above and beyond it works to boost your coordination, mood, heart, and brain function. Overall, it’s the greatest full-body-functional exercise, having defined world champions for generations.

In only 15 minutes each day, and without running on boring treadmills or 100 other different machines at the gym, you can still burn more calories. Become your most toned, agile, and healthiest self, with 1 old-fashioned method.

With a slight upgrade, of course…

Smart & Speedy Design.

The fluency of this expert skipping rope is unmatched.

Thanks to the anti-twine ball-bearing design, it creates a smooth rotation of the swing. Without twisting and bending, you have full control of your movements.

Please make sure:

1. You start slowly and don’t hurt yourself.
2. You have an open area void of any potential collateral damage!

Practical & Ergonomic Materials.

The steel wire rope is coated in PVC, improving its resilience and slickness, to enjoy safe skipping. It’s perfectly adjustable to your height and is great for kids and adults.

Both soft memory foam handles are comfortable, strong, moisture-proof grips for an ultra-lightweight and sturdy feel during your exercise routines.

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Colour: Blue
Materials: Steel, PVC, plastic, memory foam
Size: 16cm (handle), 3m (rope size), 4m (rope diameter)

What have you got?

1x Ball-bearing skipping rope


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