Killer Deals Cable Management Zip Sleeve Wrap Organiser – Black (4pc)

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Quick Shortcut To Organisation.

Wasting time figuring out which cable goes where is a different kind of annoying, especially when you have a tight deadline.

Imagine never worrying about loose or broken cables again?

Save yourself the energy and frustration with a cable sleeve organiser that works hard so that you can too. This wrap cover organiser stretches to hold things together. All those crucial cables connected to your computer, TV, internet, and expensive home electronic devices.

For larger cables, zip multiple sleeves together to double the capacity.

Risk-Free Safety Standards.

A neoprene cable sleeve and sturdy zip organise tens of cables together neatly and cover them precisely – for less vulnerability to water during storms, tiny hungry creatures, and clumsy bad luck.

This elastic rubber-like material is highly absorbent to water, oils and solvents. It’s safe for use at different rooms, desks, and tablespaces, and is ideal in different temperatures and conditions throughout the world.

The neatness, safety, and durability of this sleeve are obvious attributes, though it feels smooth and softer than ever.


Colour: Black
Material: Neoprene
Size: 4 sleeves, 19-20” long, 1.2” diameter each holding from 8-10 cables

What have you got?

4x cable management sleeve


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Dimensions 22 × 10 × 3 cm


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