Killer Deals Felt 5-Pocket Bedside Storage Organiser ? Grey

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Promotes Organised Chaos.

Constantly searching for things around the house?

With this 5-pocket organiser, gone are the days of fluffing pillows, lifting cushions, and reaching under seats on the hunt for what you need. Guarantee the important pieces are there when you need them most. Say goodbye to messy bedrooms, lounges, cribs, and cars.

The felt is slightly waterproof, anti-dirt, and wear-resistant, the smart choice for all levels of crazy families. Essential items are safer kept inside the 5 pockets, minimising time spent searching in avoidable frustration. It frees up important space and creates more tidiness.

Chew-Proof Convenience.

Made with an extra layer of 4mm felt, the thicker pocket organiser lasts twice as long over time. It’s soft and smooth so you don’t cause unwanted damage to your portable devices. The material makes it strong enough to hang many objects within arm’s reach for next-level convenience.

Keep it simple with a pocket organiser to better safeguard your phones, tablets, pens, glasses, keys, remotes, books, magazines, snacks and more! It also helps a lot not stressing about your pet or child finding a luxury toy or two.

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Colour: Grey
Material: Felt
Size: 5 pocket spaces / 27 x 22 cm

What have you got?

1x Pocket storage organiser


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Weight 0.172 kg
Dimensions 31.6 × 20 × 1.4 cm


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