Killer Deals fishing LCD display & alarm sensor handheld sonar fish finder

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Quick & Easy Detection.

Champion fish are difficult to spot and to catch.

They’re fast and don’t stick around for too long without a reason. After endless hours of sitting around, waiting for the slightest tug or bite, all that wishing and wondering becomes exhausting.

With this game-changing gadget, you can detect the positions of single fish, and schools of them. Helping you know the best position to cast your lure for the greatest chances of making the catch.

By adjusting the sensitivity setting to see more accurate sizes, you get a useful idea if the fish, or sharks, below are the large, intimidating types. A 200KHZ sonar transducer beam offers a 45-degree detection zone, with an effective range of vision from 1m – 100m (3.2 – 328 ft) below the transducer.

User-Friendly Display & Settings.

This powerful sonar along with the LCD display makes it easy to identify what’s happening beneath you. Including clear indicators for the water’s depth, fish depth, location, weed and contour detectors, size sensitivity, and battery power.

It’s an easy-to-use interface for selecting your settings, which includes an alert option for when the fish are in close proximity.

For All Fishing Fanatics.

This high-tech gear is a handy hack for almost every type of fisherman.

Most especially for kayak, sea, shore, river, lake, boat and even ice fishing, just not spearfishing; important: the sensor is waterproof, the receiver (display & finder) is not.

Fix the position needed, throw in the sensor, and let it float down into the water. Or attach it to the bottom hull with the side-scan adapter. Or drill a hole in the ice (safety first) and drop it in. The sonar transducer is the beginning point for all the visible distance measurements.

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Colour: Black & yellow
Material: TN/Anti-UV LCD display, White LED backlighting
Size: 3cm diameter sonar transducer sensor
Detect depth: 1 – 100 meters.
Sensor range: 45-degree angle (200khz)
Sensor operational temperature: -10 C – 50 C

What have you got?

1x Fishfinder display
1x Sonar sensor transducer & rubber stopper
1x Transducer side-scan adapter
1x Stainless steel bolt & wing nut
1x Neckstrap
1x User guide


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