Killer Deals Fitbit Inspire/HR TPU case (black) + screen protector combo

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Agony-Free Affordability.

Need a simple way to shield your Fitbit from everyday struggles?

Every so often, a deal comes around offering an unbeatable upgrade. This safety combo is complete protection for the original look, feel, and function of your smartwatch.

If you’re someone with a lot on the go, it’s hard to have your attention everywhere. To know where the best deals are. With this TPU case screen protector film, you save time, energy, and costs, with guaranteed peace of mind.

Secure Materials.

Both accessories have an expert design process, produced with premium quality materials.

The TPU silicone protective case is durable and flexible. It repels abrasions, oil, and dirt. A scratch-proof tempered screen protector prevents similar forces from seeking to destroy the pristine nature of your screen.

Solid Defence.

You can attach them with minimal effort. With exact button and port spaces, you can use all features of your watch without removing the TPU case. The screen protector is quick and easy to install, leaving zero leaving bubbles and glue residue behind.

They’re specially designed as perfect matches for your Fitbit so it can survive longer.

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Colour: Clear (screen protector), black (TPU case)
Material: Tempered glass, TPU silicone
Compatibility: Fitbit Inspire/Inspire HR
(Does not include Fitbit watch – this is not an original Fitbit product)

What have you got?

1x Fitbit TPU case
1x Fitbit screen protector


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