Killer Deals Heavy-Duty Paracord Survival/Safety/Emergency/Outdoor Bracelet- Camo Yellow/Green/Navy Combo

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Survival On Your Wrist

A life spent in the great outdoors is no fashion show, but there’s one accessory every adventurer should have- a paracord bracelet.

Made from woven paracord, these survival tools have been given many names. Survival bracelets, 550 cord bracelets (because they can hold up to 550 pounds/250 kilograms), or parachute cord bracelets.

Worn by hikers, climbers, campers, survivalists, or just any outdoorsy person, and for good reason. Its uses are nearly endless. Catching food, emergency first aid, making a shelter, and starting a fire, to name a few.

Put your safety first on your action adventures- get this life-saving 3-pack combo today!


• The accessories every outdoorsmen (or women) needs- high-quality survival bracelets hand-weaved from paracord
• A combo set of 3 multi-purpose bracelets designed to be worn to assist in several emergency or survival situations
• High tensile strength- made to be extremely strong, and reliable in multiple outdoor scenarios
• Created with durability in mind- a waterproof accessory that’s been built to last
• Practical- the unravelled length is 24 cm long


• Colour: 3 Colour Combo
• Material: Paracord
• Size: 19 cm
• Guaranteed hassle-free money-back returns if you change your mind

What have you got?

3x Paracord Survival Bracelets


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