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RFID-Skimming Safeguard.

Looking to leave your wallet and worries at home when you head out for the day?

Stop multiplying the risks and carry the minimal essentials. Your smartphone is undoubtedly always the main thing to take these days. That’s just the way it is.

But thick, bulky wallets – not so much…

Leave them behind with this self-adhesive RFID-blocking wallet for your credit and contactless cards. Keeping you and your contactless cards safe from electronic pickpockets, who use sneaky systems to scan your cards for information. This happens especially when travelling in unfamiliar locations.

Subtle Style & Security.

Often, the more items you carry, the riskier things get with street thieves. Because you stick out. Take less and avoid the eyes of opportunists on your travels.

You become vulnerable when you look like a Kardashian with so much extra stuff. This is the subtle accessory that’s both low-key stylish and secure, and in no way is it flashy. Able to hold several cards at once in a neat and safe place.

Compact & Lightweight.

The slim, lightweight design has a self-sticking 3M adhesive that offers strength and reliability. It’s made from elastic, Lycra spandex fabric with a grip surface to keep all your cards locked inside.

It stays stuck to your phone when you put it in your pocket. Feel free to wear those comfortable skinny jeans with holes in them, without stressing.

This smartphone RFID-blocking wallet comes in handy often. Like when you’re going to the gym, walking, running, going out for some fun, or when you need to stop and buy the basics on the way home.


Colour: Black
Material: Lycra spandex, 3M adhesive
Compatibility: Universal iPhone/smartphone

What do you get?
1x Smartphone RFID-blocking wallet

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