Killer Deals Magnetic Therapy 2-Tone Titanium Layer Stainless-Steel Bracelet – Gold

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Magnetic Therapy.

Looking for alternative forms of pain relief?

Opinions vary about the use of magnetic therapy bracelets for pain. Not only in our time, but this debate also dates to the times of ancient Egypt!

Modern science tells us the research isn’t 100% conclusive, so they aren’t clinically proven. Although many people these days state their magnetic therapy bracelet offers serious relief, helping with their infliction. Including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammation, and poor circulation. And have since said goodbye to multiple medications because of it.

It’s up to you to try and make up your own mind!

Excellent Design.

It’s made from lightweight, strong, premium stainless steel with a titanium layer for extra durability. Don’t worry, the dependable piece has you covered.

The hypoallergenic materials it’s made from are 100% safe for your skin and won’t cause allergies – being lead and nickel free. There’s a sturdy clasp that locks it gently but tight, secured to your wrist.

Comfortable & Convenient.

Lightweight and strong, you can wear this magnetic therapy bracelet for any occasion. It’s a comfortable accessory that will compliment your style while you’re switching from formal to casual outfits.

Importantly: Do not use this magnetic bracelet without consulting a doctor if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump, or any implanted electro-medical device.

Also, pregnant women and people who have regular cortisone injections. In no way is it meant to substitute advice from a medical professional.


Colour: Gold
Material: Titanium, stainless steel
Size: Medium-large wrists (Men)

What do you get?
1x Magnetic therapy bracelet

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