Killer Deals Motorcycle Passenger Adjustable Main Rider Grab Grip Handle Safety Belt

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Excellent Rider Ergonomics:

Motorcycle rider safety is paramount…

Especially for the person sitting on the back who may lack the right grip. Often leading to jerky movement, when stopping quickly or moving at speed, which can put you both at risk.

These passenger handles are the ultimate solution for your concerns. Providing your important passenger with an improved grip to stay comfortable, keeping your movement fluid and easier to manage to help prevent falls, and keeping you both and safe on the road.

Phenomenal Features:

• Made from ultra-strong nylon webbing and oxford cloth, with buckles, hooks, and loops, for maximum dependability, durability, and breathability.
• The built-in PP handles are comfortable for the rear rider to hold onto, to enjoy cruising around without fear
• Lightweight and easy to wear for the front rider, helping disperse the tension placed on the front rider from the tight grip of the back rider.
• Increases stability for both riders when coming to a quick halt or during rapid acceleration.
• Promotes increased aerodynamics and manoeuvrability, by preventing discomfort and insecurity.
• Ultra-secure design that locks tightly around the main rider’s body – suitable for most body types – super quick and convenient to unlock and adjust as needed.
• Especially useful for people with shorter arms, and children riding on the back, although it’s ideal for every motorcycle passenger and rider’s enhanced ease.

Specification Information:

• Colour: Black
• Material: Oxford cloth, mesh, plastic
• Adjustable – up to 125 cm around the waist
• Size: 24cm x 16 cm

What do you get?

1x Motorcycle Rear Seat Handles Safety Belt


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 8 cm


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