Killer Deals Oil Diffuser Lava Stone Bracelet Combo- Blue Agate + Rainbow Aura

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Harness The Power Of Aromatherapy

These diffuser bracelets are so much more than an everyday accessory.

Made from authentic lava stone beads that have been solidified from molten lava- they can only be formed under intense heat and pressure.

That’s why they’re known as the grounding stone. They encourage strength, stability, and courage. And are well-known to alleviate anxiety and bring calmness and relaxation to those who wear them.

They also act as a natural diffuser. The lava stones are the perfect sponge- simply place a drop or two of the essential oils of your choice onto the beads to soothe and comfort you all day long.

Channel the power of essential oils. Bring a sense of balance to your emotional and physical self- get yours today!


• Two beautiful diffuser bracelets made from lava stone beads that act as a sponge to soak up the essential oil of your choosing
• Harness the power of aromatherapy- use any combination of essential oils to help ease motion sickness, soothe pain, improve your mood, and boost energy
• These accessories can be used to relive powerful memories and experiences- you can choose to have the smells of home or a loved one with you all day long
• Lava stones are known as the grounding stone- they alleviate anxiety and promote emotional tranquillity
• Unique, stylish accessories that serves a purpose- to improve your health and wellbeing


• Colour: Blue Agate Buddha & Glass Rainbow Aura Bracelet Combo
• Material: Lava Beads
• Size: 16 cm stretchy elastic band
• Guaranteed hassle-free money-back returns if you change your mind

What do you get?

2x Diffuser Charm Bracelets


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