Killer Deals outdoor wind beach sand & soil anchor screw stake umbrella holder & towel hanging hook set

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Not Flimsy When It’s Windy.

Don’t want to spend your entire time at the beach running after your umbrella?

Anchor your umbrella firmly into the soil or sand with this screw stake. And conveniently dry your towels with the hanger hooks. Enjoy more of the time relaxing in the shade. You don’t have excess energy to waste rescuing your umbrella far down the beach, and a stranger’s Labrador.

Resistant up to 80km per hour winds, it remains sturdy in the sand, and stable in the soil in the strongest of storms. Perfect for day-to-day conditions when you’re spending time in the sunshine!

Better Than Metal.

Unlike metal anchor stakes, this doesn’t rust from sea salt, humidity and rain. No more getting hot in the sun, and it doesn’t have razor-sharp dangerous edges.

Made from ABS plastic, it’s virtually unbreakable, more durable than metal, and will last longer. It’s also much lighter and compact enough to keep in your car and travel bag.

Set it up in seconds by twisting it down until is straight enough. Place your umbrella into the base stand’s main component, and an adjustable bolt locks your umbrella into the prong, holding it tightly.

The design and materials allow for flexibility and tilting. There are also no small loose parts that break off. Hang up your keys, goggles, towels, and bags on the solid hangers. Perfect for sunny patios, gardens, markets, picnics, beach days, brand marketing events and more.

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Colour: White
Material: ABS plastic
Size: Universal base fits all umbrella bar sizes and brands.

What have you got?

1x Umbrella holder anchor stake


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Dimensions 43.5 × 30 × 4.3 cm


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