Killer Deals Speed Laces No Tie Silicone Elastic Shoe Lace for Kids – Red

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Game-Changing Upgrade:

No-tie shoelaces are a common accessory for many fast-paced lifestyles and popular custom outfits, for their sleek look, and most of all, because of how convenient they are for the user.

In next to no time, you can fit your shoes on and off, perfectly adjusted to your size – and you only need to fit them once!

You never have to break your back putting on your shoes again.

Phenomenal Features:

– Made from premium silicone, making these safe and secure (reduces risk of tripping/falling over your laces)
– The ends have a sturdy T-shaped design that keeps from coming undone when you’re on the move
– Smart design and reliable materials combine to give this lace the strength worthy of champions
– Not only do these laces save you time, energy, and money- and bonus, they have a clean, neat look
– Will fit your entire footwear collection (that has laces)


– Colours: 4 Colours
– Materials: Silicone
– Size: Kids & Adults

What have you got?

2x No-Tie Shoelaces


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