Killer Deals Stainless Steel Bezel Ring for Samsung Galaxy 42mm Watch – Silver

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Shiny Customised Touches.

Are your smartwatch’s cracks beginning to show?

Give your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch some TLC with a new and improved stainless-steel bezel, restoring your scratched and worn watch to look almost brand new! A bezel ring like this is the stylish addition that offers serious backup.

The fresh aesthetic complements any of your outfits and doesn’t add any excessive bulk. The exterior is better protected with the bezel, and it looks awesome.

The sticky adhesive doesn’t mark your watch face and cause unintentional damage. Once it’s on, rest assured the bezel doesn’t move. It won’t slide off in water or in different conditions.

Exact Size Attachments.

Forget bezels that are too heavy, big, small, or fragile. This piece is the exact size and strength needed for your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. No more, no less.

This gives it a seamless connection between the rotating ring and your device, avoiding that awkwardly joined fit. It offers a distinctive style, proven protection, and upgraded fashion sense to the wearer.

The classic bezel has number-time engravings for time-management, precise measurement and increased control. You’re free to enjoy all the activities and exercises you love most with it attached.

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Colour: Silver
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 42mm
Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Watch
(Does not include Samsung watch – this is not an original Samsung product)

What have you got?

1x Samsung Galaxy steel bezel


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