Killer Deals Xiaomi Mibox 3 TV remote control silicone protector case – Red

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Superior Defence.

Is everyday hand switching transforming your Xiaomi TV remote into a living nightmare?

Before you stop caring about the volume level and give up on changing channels completely. Here’s an affordable accessory that shields against unwanted fingerprints, grease, grime, dirt, and damage. Saving you sudden costs. The war for what show is next is about to become much less worrisome.

This unfailing silicone protector case is for when things are getting worse by the day. On offer to guard your TV controller for the love of your future entertainment and bank account.

Untroublesome Material.

Made from a soft, smooth, and flexible silicone, it encases around your control like a glove and stays on without a fight.

This lightweight, child-friendly material doesn’t lose strength. The shockproof, non-slip surface is ideal for many hands and hard drops during the age-long battle for living room authority.

Convenient Design.

Maybe you’ve lost too many good TV remotes in the past, and it wasn’t pretty. Now, you’re not taking any chances… 

A safety cord is attached for bonus security against flinging to the floor. You could even hang it somewhere ideal, somewhere out of harm’s reach.

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Colour: Red
Material: Silicone
Compatibility: Xiaomi Mibox 3

What have you got?

1x Xiaomi remote control case


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Additional information

Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 22 × 9.9 × 1.5 cm


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