Propermits Killer Deals USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

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Have you been looking for a set of durable and extra bright bike lights? Then here it is.
Killerdeals USB-rechargeable LED bicycle light set with durable, rechargeable and long-lasting lithium battery, supports 4 modes to meet all needs while riding. Waterproof design and light weight allow them to withstand all weather and terraintypes. What are you waiting for?

Super bright and long-lasting
Powered by 400mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery providingexcellent visibility for your night rides. Follow the roads using the bright front lamp and use the red back light to avoid beingbumped by others.

USB-rechargeable battery
Don’t waste time changing batteries, it takesjust 3 hours to fully charge with the USB cable. The high quality battery is the key to allow you to recharge again and again.

Max Run Time of Four Light Modes (Fully charged)
Constant Full Brightness : 6 hours
Constant Half Brightness : 22 hours
Blasting Flash : 6 hours
Stroboscopic : 7.5 hours
Note : Click the button to switch to a different mode.
Indicator Performance
Charging Indicator: Red Light
Fully Charged Indicator: Green Light
Full charging time : 3 hours

Packing List
1 x LED Front Light (white)
1 x LED Tail Light (red)
2 x USB Cables
4 x Silicone Mounting Straps

Features & details
Durable USB Rechargeable Battery – Built-in 400mAh lithium battery makes these LED bike lights super bright in the dark. Fully charged in 3 hours and lasting over 6 hours, allowing you to avoid unnecessary battery replacement forever. They can be recharged with any device featuring USB ports (PC/ Portable charger/ wall charger/etc) and include over-charge protection. Absolutely the best USB bike lights for cycling enthusiasts!
Four Light Mode Options — Both the white front light and red rear light support 4 light modes: Constant Full Brightness / Constant Half Brightness / Blasting Flash / Stroboscopic. By simply clicking the button, you can switch modes as you wish. Light up the road ahead of your bike with a bright headlight and call attention to drivers approaching from behind with the bicycle LED taillight, giving you 360 degree protection.
Installed Securely — Advanced and flexible silicone mounting straps provide great safety, holding the USB-rechargeable bike light set tightly enough to prevent falling off even on bumpy roads. Loosen and fasten them easily without any tools required. Fits all kinds of bikes such as kid’s bikes/ road bikes. The package includes 2 free strap replacements.
Waterproof & Light Weight– Fully enclosed design to protect the cycling light set from rainy days, even the USB port is completely covered, making it convenient to use in all weather conditions. The light weight and sturdy shell guarantees stable performance, which is very important when you ride on complex terrain


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