Special Action Mounts Live Action GoPro Kite Surfing Camera Mount

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The Kite Mount for GoPro is designed to make taking pictures and video while you kite surf a breeze. Its lightweight design and positioning keep your photos and video free from obstruction without interfering with your ride. Our new easy to use design will fit on virtually any type of four-line kite bar.

A line leash protects you from losing your GoPro HD camera and a standard tap hole allows you to mount other digital cameras.

  • PERFECT FIT KITESURFING KITE LINE MOUNT: fits most types of four-line kite bars without limiting the bar performance or interfering with riding, steady and easy to fix
  •  ANTI-SLIP KITEBOARDING CAMERA HOLDER: lock the camera in the line Mount firmly
  • EASY and CONVENIENT: easy application and removal, taking pictures and videos while you are riding on the board without interfering with your riding
  • STURDY KITESURFING GEAR: Record your moments, enjoy the passion for the sport, compatible with GoPro Session Hero 4 Hero 3 Hero 3 Hero 2 Hero 1 SJCAM

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