Special Killer Deals Fitbit Surge TPU protective case + screen protector combo

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Averting Crises.

The costs of repairs are crazy these days. Because the stats are that almost 50% of electronics are damaged within the first few months.

Why go through that trouble when you have affordable accessories like these to take care of that?

This defensive combo of TPU case and screen protector keep your Fitbit insured against numerous risks. These include scratches, scrapes, dirt, dust, and gradual decline from wearing every day.

Practical Materials.

TPU is a strong, lightweight, and durable material. It covers your Fitbit, holding it safely within like an armour jacket. Offering shock-resistant protection during sports, travel, and exercise.

Tempered glass is hard and shatterproof, guarding your Fitbit’s vulnerable glass screen against cracks and breaks. With 9H hardness and full, HD clarity, don’t worry about a blurry, slow-response display.

Easy To Install.

You can attach them quickly to your Fitbit Surge. They are perfect matches, an accurate shape and size.

The TPU case has a form-fitting design that’s easy to install. It fits your Fitbit with precision. You can charge it with the case installed.

This tempered glass has an optimised adhesive for premium bonding. It doesn’t cause permanent marks once removed or leave air bubbles under the surface.

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Colour: Black, clear
Material: TPU silicone, tempered glass
Compatibility: Fitbit Surge
(Does not include Fitbit watch – this is not an original Fitbit product)

What have you got?

1x Fitbit protective case
1x Fitbit screen protector


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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 cm


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